Tuesday, June 15, 2010





Sketchup model

dining table




Saturday, June 12, 2010



curvy shape to represent two women and sharp angle to express the impact of the clients

the office for Miranda Kerr

the centre of the structure is the fitting room for Miranda, and the surroundings are the catwalk area. the dom can close when Miranda is inside after that i can open to let her go out and walk on the catwalk space.

the office for Angela Merkel, the curvy line which band around the structure represent the supports from public.

i build four prism to be the meeting space for Angela because having meetings may be the major part of her political life

the column on the top express that wishes of getting united

Development for Crysis War

2nd Draft

the elevator for angela merkel

mainly use sharp shape to express her identity----Chancellor

1st Daft

The very first draft

fail to make a bridge with hole
the office for miranda kerr, the main theme of the office is the runway and the fitting room.

this office is for Helen Keller. Since she was an author and encourage other blind people, the main theme of her office is bookcase.

Dining table + Elevator


This is the elevator for Angela. The sharp angle represent her power which is even more than man. The squares represent that people support her.

The part for people to stand is transparent so that we can see the interior of structure that express the 'transparent' of federal republic.

This is the elevator for Miranda. The curvy line shows her elegant and it also like a bloom.
The exterior of the elevator also express her supports.

Dining table for Angela Merkel

I used the sharp angle to represent the harsh of Angela in her political life, while the curvy line expressed the smooth of an female.
The angles, which extrude the simple geometric shape, expressed the impact of Angela's power.
The thick leg of the chair express the authority and strength of Angela.
The view looks like the chair of traditional Chinese king.
The dining table for Angela. The steps represent that she's the Chancellor of Germany.

Dining table for Miranda Kerr

This is the chair for Miranda Kerr. The peacock-like shape expressed her beauty. The 'tail' of the chair represented the followers of Miranda because she is the example of the youth not only she's a model but also she has her own business.

This is the space for Miranda to sit
This is the dining table for Miranda. The use of curvy line illustrated the smooth life of a model.

The overview of the dinning table and the chairs

The meeting table of Angela is more like a stage for politician. And the table is a bit far from the chair so that when Angela's talking, she must stand beside the table that represent her harsh. On the contrast, Miranda's table is more relax.
I flip Miranda's table to make Angela's table which means the different impact of politician an model.
Both dining table illustrate the power and impact of Angela and Miranda but in different ways. The power of Angela is expressed by the stretch angle while the power of Miranda is expressed by the extend of the curvy columns.